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    The Arrival of the New Ambassador of the Reign of Two Sicilies


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    The Arrival of the New Ambassador of the Reign of Two Sicilies

    Post  Bungle77 on Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:59 am

    The trip was very long and tiring, but finally she reach the Principat of Valahia. The new ambassador Guendalina, weakened by the trip, choosed to stay overnight in a inn near Targoviste, before attend the day after at the royal palace. A pleasant bath, a lavish meal and a relaxing night restored the young lady. The next day, she attended at the big entrance of the castle, and knocked once shyly, none came... she knocked again with more vigour and she heard from far some steps hastening to the main doors, when the doors starts squeak and a little man with exotic features came out.

    Guendalina took a big breathe and all in one go, said"
    "I am Guendalina called "Bungle77", coming from Sessa Aurunca, i am here in the name of the crowd of the Two Sicilies, in the name of His Royalty Hemmet_Jax, that he called me to represent him as ambassador in your honoured Principat"
    "Welcome Madame, can i see your engagement letter?" the uscher said
    "Oh yes, the letter..." awkwardly the young lady start to look for it "where i put it?... i hope i didn't leave it at the inn..." she thought
    "Here it is..." she said with a satisfied smile

    Nomina di Bungle77 ad ambasciatrice presso il Regno di Valacchia

    Io Dama Elisabetta Maria D'Oria Borbone detta Lady_carey, Cancelliere delle Due Sicilie, nomino Voi Dama Bungle77 ambasciatrice del Regno delle Due Sicilie presso il Regno di Valacchia.

    Nella speranza che la Vostra parola sia portatrice di Pace e prosperità, per il popolo che rappresentate e per quello presso cui vi recate e che la Vostra persona possa dare inizio ad una proficua collaborazione tra i due stati.

    Napoli 18 Aprile 1458

    Dama Elisabetta Maria D'Oria Borbone detta Lady_carey
    Cancelliere delle Due Sicilie

    I Elisabetta Maria D'Oria Borbone called Lady_carey, Chancellor of the Two Sicilies, design you Lady Bungle77 ambassador of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Kingdom of Valacchia.

    Hoping that your word is the bearer of peace and prosperity for the people you represent, and for those which you visit and your person can begin a fruitful collaboration between the two states.

    Naples 18 April 1457

    Elisabetta Maria D'Oria Borbone called Lady_carey
    Chancellor of the Two Sicilies


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    Re: The Arrival of the New Ambassador of the Reign of Two Sicilies

    Post  Morosanu on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:38 am

    News are coming quickly to Morosanu's ears. The new Sicilian ambassador has arrived, he hears outside his office. He takes a coat a hurries outside.

    Welcome My Lady, on our lands. We are pleased to have your presence with us. Arrangements are being made for your establishment in our Castle. Chamberlain Riccardoix was announced to make the necessary arrangements for your rights in the Sicilian chambers. Till than, please accompany me in a short walk around the Castle.

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