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    Arival of the Chamberlain of the Reign of Two Sicilies



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    Arival of the Chamberlain of the Reign of Two Sicilies

    Post  Riccardoix on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:30 am

    The journey was long but finally the Chamberlain was standing outside the great castle of Targoviste. He reached the doors and ask a guard:

    "Excuse me, I'm the Chamberlain of the Reing of Two Sicilies, can i speak with your Master, i'd like to meet him, i think ther's an office for me, thanks."

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    Re: Arival of the Chamberlain of the Reign of Two Sicilies

    Post  Morosanu on Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:16 am

    The day started with a snowy weather, but the afternoon brought some rays of sun over his office. Morosanu was admiring all these from his window while a foreign cortege approached the Castle. He recognized the Sicilian flag, so he approached a guard.

    Is everything ready, he asked.

    The office is ready for the Sicilian representative, sir.

    Morosanu showed his satisfaction shortly and then turned back to the windows.

    Guards !!! Prepare the arrival !

    In a few moments trumpets started to announce the approach of he foreign cortege and several soldiers aligned in welcoming position. Morosanu took a coat and went outside. Chamberlain Riccardoix was already waiting for him when he approached the gates, saying:

    Welcome you excellency. Hopefully you had a safe journey. You must be tired so I invite you to follow me to your chambers. You may rest as long as you want, and afterward I have the pleasure to propose you a dinner full of traditional Valahian recipes and of course some special local wines.

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