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    Arrival of the French ambassador


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    Arrival of the French ambassador

    Post  kingrade99 on Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:29 am

    Kingrade had traveled extensively until it reaches the embassies Valahia.
    He is glad, he is there finally.
    It presents itself to the guard:

    Kingrade de la Roche Nouet,Royal Ambassador of France.

    He smiled slightly

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    Re: Arrival of the French ambassador

    Post  Morosanu on Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:55 am

    The guard turns around and sends an emissary to the Valahian Chancellor. A few trumpets announce the arrival. The crowd starts whispering, at the gates. Many others are joining the event. Everyone is curious about the Royal emissary and exalted by his visit. In a few moments the news reaches Morosanu, who was standing at his office, having a discussion with the Count about some new ambassadors to be nominated. Great! he says all of a sudden and tell the Count about the event. The two end their discussion rapidly and Morosanu grabs his coat and leaves for the gates where the ambassador was awaiting his arrival. He sees him smiling so he makes a bow. Good day your Excellencies. I, Morosanu Matei, Chancellor of Principat de Valahia, welcome you on our lands. Hopefully your journey was free of trouble, because here it is time to take a rest and enjoy the benefits of our lands. We shall forward now to your chambers, were we may continue our discussions and start flourishing relations between our nations.

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